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Keep Dreaming Project | STM32 Selection
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Since I plan on swapping the Microchip SAMV70 for an STM32 MCU I need to figure out the exact part to use.

Part Criteria:

  • High Performance
  • Product Longevity
  • Supply - Should be regularly available from multiple distributors in decent quantity, low risk of shortages
  • Assembly - Should be easy to assemble for a typical electronics hobbyist and require few supporting parts
  • Large Parallel Bus for connecting to an FPGA
  • SD Card support at high transfer speeds
  • USB - Ideally with High Speed support
  • Ease of Development - Avoid outliers and applicable errata

Event Timeline

For High Performance we're looking at either an STM32F7 or STM32H7 (Arm Cortex-M7), with something around 1MB of RAM and 1MB of flash memory. It looks like most of them are "guaranteed" to be available until 2029.
100~144 Pin LQFP will probably be the best package/size.
Although I like the idea of having a dual core MCU that isn't a good idea from a portability or ease of development standpoint.
That's enough to make a quick list of potential parts.

Part NumberFrequency (MHz)Flash Size (kB)RAM Size (kB)Crypto-HASHPrice*Stock*Risk*Price**Stock**Price***Stock***
*findchips**Octopart price@1,000qty***Digi-Key

Which can be broken down into four sub-families

  • STM32H753xI
  • STM32H742xI/G and STM32H743xI/G
  • STM32F777xx
  • STM32F765xx, STM32F767xx

Even though the STM32H7's are much faster it's hard to beat the availability of STM32F7's. The STM32F7's listed are also all pin compatible with some STM32F4's giving us an easier downgrade path.
I'll probably go with the STM32F765ZI but I still need to dig into the documentation.