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Since I'll be migrating everything to its own server and domain T59 I need to get a new home page put together.

I've got the base pretty much done, just using Flask and Bootstrap.

I decided to add an activity stream to the page by hooking into the Discord webhook stuff, which I'm almost done with. The only complication with that is that I want to keep the Docker containers separate. So to deal with that I'm using Redis as a message broker. Pretty simple setup I'm just using redis-py to push a message to redis from the webhook and pop it off for the home page. I'm going to keep the number of notifications on the home page fixed to keep it simple.

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Thought of a much simpler solution, not sure why it wasn't my first idea lol. The now multi-function webhook server will just save some notifications as json files and I'll setup a hugo container to rebuild the website periodically to update it with the latest notifications. Not super important to have it update in real time.

Finally got this up and running. R44:34c4243e62a2