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Automate building and deploying of Docker images.

Building Docker images for BookStack and InvenTree should occur whenever their repo's are updated.

Phabricator isn't so much of a problem since it can be easily updated via its

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zeigren triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jan 19 2020, 10:50 AM
zeigren created this task.

I can mirror both BookStack and InvenTree and use a Herald rule to call a webhook in order to trigger a build on Dockerhub. I'll need to improve the automated tagging process since it's not super great right now.

BookStack uses version tags which can be used as the base, however there should be a separate version number to indicate the Docker version.

InvenTree uses the master branch currently and each commit should trigger a Docker build. As such it could make sense to have a Docker version along with some modifier as the tag, perhaps the build date.

Phabricator uses either the stable or master branch with no tags. Since it can be updated easily via the docker-entrypoint it can have its own version tags.

InvenTree is setup, although I'm not sure the build trigger is working but I think that's a Docker Hub problem.

Phabricator is also setup but again Docker Hub isn't actually building the version tag for some reason.

Yep the Docker Hub build trigger isn't working.

The build trigger suddenly works now, hooray!

It doesn't look like I can create a Herald/Harbormaster rule to add a tag to a repository. Docker Hub uses a older version of Git so correctly tagging an image post_push is much more annoying. So for now I can just add tags as needed which isn't exactly hard lol.