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With a bunch of different complicated services having some user guides and templates would be incredibly helpful.

BookStack is pretty straight forward but pointing out some of its features as well as any work arounds would be good. A couple of different templates along with example chapters/pages would be helpful to encourage consistency.

Phabricator has a lot of stuff going on and the official documentation can be a bit lacking. This will easily be the most annoying one. Fortunately we don't need a lot of the features so we only need to focus on the major ones. Basic templates for everything would be great.

DocDokuPLM TBD Switched to InvenTree R41

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I plan on adopting VSCode as the recommend text editor for the project and basing any code related guides around it.

The "How to use Arcanist" guide for Phabricator should use the VSCode Phabricator extension.

For SystemVerilog I'll recommend the Verilog HDL/SystemVerilog VSCode extension, I'll have to rewrite QMSV R10 for VSCode.