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Keep Dreaming Project | Revision V3
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The breakout works just fine currently but I'd like to improve it.

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  1. Mount the flat flex connectors to the bottom so the cables don't need to be bent
  2. Switch the signal and ground pins
  3. Make it possible to put a 'man in the middle'?
zeigren renamed this task from Revision V2 to Revision V3.May 23 2020, 2:16 PM

V2 is done and works but it's upside down to what I had intended, oops.
So for V3:

  1. Flip it
  2. Make it easier to connect to another board?

I could make it so a 40pin IDE cable could be used to connect it to another board for MITM, would make it a bit easier to use for that. It'll make the silk screen a little more complicated but it shouldn't be too bad. I probably should make it so a logic analyzer can be attached to both the console and controller side as well.