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Keep Dreaming Project | Official Documentation
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I still have documentation I need to add. Since I'm looking into PLM for parts this shouldn't include parts datasheets.

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BookStack currently doesn't support a file browser to reuse files like it does for images, so there's a catchall page to use for the time being.

I'm in the process of cleaning up what documentation I have following this methodology:

  • Improve the documentations usability without altering its content
    • Add bookmarks, fix document formatting issues, fix language encoding issues, export to modern formats (pdf, docx)
    • HTML/web page based documentation is converted to pdf
  • Original documents are to remain untouched and are either included or linked to
  • Original documents are analyzed using Tika, the resulting metadata is posted online and included as a Metadata.txt

I'm using R49 instead of stand alone Tika.
I should create a page that goes over the process I use.