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Instead of putting models and parts into tables or a spreadsheet why not pretend to be Sega?

Using some PLM (product life cycle management) software we can link together the various models, revisions, assemblies, parts, and alternates as if we were Sega actually making these products. Then attach relevant datasheets, photos, and links to those.

Along with that, I can create a database library in Altium of the various parts. This ideally will be linked to the PLM software so I don't have to do things twice. Which can be used to make schematics or entire replacement PCBs if someone was so inclined.

Although a bit nuts people have been trying to keep track of the different models and part numbers over the years, why not actually do it the right way? Plus it'll be useful for research and repairs.

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Started the conversion process for to support docker swarm.

The "back" Dockerfile should be turned into a script that runs inside docdokuplm:payara at startup, as long as the commands it runs don't take too long. Having it be its own image/container is super inefficient.

The db, front, and proxy Dockerfiles are pointless. Config files can be passed to the base images instead. I already have that sorted out.

Platform-ctl needs to be rewritten/modified and included in the build-env container. The commands don't need to be run that often and some of them won't apply to swarm mode.

As far as I can tell the kibana, smtp, and adminer containers aren't necessary so those can be stripped out.

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I merged the payara and back containers, created an entrypoint script, and added all the environment variables to the swarm YAML.
For whatever reason I'm having an issue moving a jar file, it's probably something really simple that I'm over looking. 892fd79b2729

I added the main commands needed for the build container but haven't tested it out yet.

It's close to working. I've ironed out all the docker errors and the webpage tries to load but fails, which might just be an ssl issue. My self-signed ssl cert doesn't play nice with HSTS.

I'd like to move the build container over to alpine linux since the full size Ubuntu image it currently uses is overkill.

Posted a question here about it.

There's an issue with JDBC and MariaDB/MySQL that I need to figure out.

Work is being done to have DocDokuPLM support Payara 5, so it might be worthwhile to get that up and running instead. I'd like to use Payara Micro but it's built on Alpine Linux.
I'd like to get mysql 8 or mariadb working as well.

The docdokuplm-build container isn't really necessary, a nightly EAR binary is available on the DocDokuPLM site. Although I'll likely build and host discrete versions myself or see if they will.

There should probably be a light and full version of the image since not everything is strictly necessary.

InvenTree is up and running now.